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wwf oasis of persano

The Oasis of the otter, the rarest land mammal in Italy.

The WWF Oasis of Persano is located within a Site of Community Importance (SIC IT8050021) in the municipalities of Campagna and Serre (Sa).
It is also a Special Protection Area (SPA IT8050021).

The area covers about 110 hectares and is known above all for the presence of the otter, a splendid and rare terrestrial mammal at risk in Italy.

The waters of the Sele, with the nearby tributaries, host one of the most important populations of this species: the otter is a symbol, an ecological indicator, a guarantee.
The WWF Oasis of Persano, recognized under the Ramsar Convention as a Wet Area of ​​International Importance, has an extension of 110 hectares and is located in the upper part of the Piana del Sele, between the Municipalities of Serre and Campagna (SA), at the internal summit of the plain which in the shape of a fan opens towards the sea between the Picentini Mountains and the Alburni Mountains.

The Oasis and the neighboring Persano Military Estate form a large green island whose natural characteristics have remained almost unchanged. The nature trail, one of the best equipped in Italy, reviews the various observation points.

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